Empowering Women through Education

Empowerment means moving from enforced powerlessness to power and education inspiring women stories plays a very important role in empowering women with knowledge, skills and self confidence.

Education plays a key role in the empowerment of women, especially girls in their social, economic and family life. It even develops their home skills, life skills and vocational skills. Education helps women to be more confident, to take decisions for themselves and the family. It gives an opportunity to either find employment or to be self employed and hence plan a better future for the family.


Education also means power. It gives the opportunity to make the right decisions, stand up for one’s rights and refuse to follow harmful traditional practices. It helps them to be economically empowered and confident and thus create gender equality. Equal opportunities are created for women in the economic, social and political fields.


Educating women means smaller families; they will learn to follow birth control methods, give their children nutritious food, help in economic growth and reduce the child mortality rates. Strong educational backgrounds will help women achieve their goals and achieve financial freedom both for themselves and their families. They will be able to fight the injustices like domestic violence, dowry, female feticide etc.


Although the economic benefits of educating girls is equal to that of educating boys, it has been found to have greater social benefits. They change their own economic status as well as that of the community and the countries at large. They lift themselves out of poverty and make marked improvements in their lives. Hence education is the most important tool for changing women’s position in society. Investing in the education of women and girls has positive effect within the family and across generations. It is therefore imperative that girls be given equal opportunity for education.



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